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Praise for my book,

The Coaching Classroom



“If you are looking to revitalize your impact as a teacher, you should read this book. Great teaching requires continuous learning, and Melissa does an excellent job creating meaningful learning throughout her book!”

 — Brian Weible | DuBois Area High School Principal | DuBois, PA

“The tools, techniques, and strategies Melissa outlines in The Coaching Classroom will help new or seasoned teachers achieve their desired outcomes faster. A must read!” 

— Sylvester Chisom | CEO of Global CTE Publishing

“Refreshing, realistic, and relatable — the three ‘Rs’ of The Coaching Classroom.
As a veteran teacher, I can honestly say that The Coaching Classroom is the perfect book to guide new teachers through the challenging first years of this noble profession.”

— Breanne Deeb | Elementary/ Special Education Teacher

“Reading The Coaching Classroom made me want to be a student again with a teacher who has the skills and techniques Melissa lays out in this highly useful book.  From a parent perspective, this book should be a required resource for teachers in today’s classroom.”

— Debbie Wirths | community advocate | mother of two

“I am highly impressed with The Coaching Classroom. It made me analyze my life both professionally and personally. This book will not only inspire educators but anyone who is looking to make a change in their life. The book addresses the importance of being more positive and the willingness to improve how one presents themselves in order to touch the lives of many.”

— Elizabeth Drahushak | DuBois Area High School | School Counselor | mother of three

“Melissa Mulhollan offers an inspirational approach for teachers, students, and anyone else seeking a meaningful life. Her unique approach to the classroom is an uplifting solution for teachers looking to instill a culture of caring.”

— Jim Warwick, Ed.D. | Owner/Trainer |

“Melissa’s philosophy and techniques will bolster new as well as veteran educators’ ability to manage their classrooms. When classroom management is focused on relationships and coaching, teachers are able to avoid situations that grow into conflicts with administrators and parents.”

— Dawna Vanderpool | National Board-Certified Teacher | ELA/Early Adolescence | PSEA Local President 

“As a school superintendent, my mission for the staff is for them to make positive connections with all students. Those positive connections foster greater trust between students and staff resulting in increased achievement, improved attendance, fewer discipline issues, and a safe learning environment. The strategies and techniques Melissa discuses in The Coaching Classroom can help educators create a positive school climate.”

— Mr. Jeffrey Vizza | Superintendent | Brockway Area School District | Brockway, Pennsylvania 

“An excellent resource for educators who want to truly make a difference in the lives of their students. The Coaching Classroom walks educators through so many options and techniques to create meaningful discussion, trust, and help them to meet their students where they’re at.  As a school administrator, I plan to share this book with my educators to increase student performance and to help my staff be more mindful of their own personal health and well-being.”

— Gretchen Caruso | President | DuBois Central Catholic School | DuBois, Pennsylvania

“Education is a very fluid profession with changes occurring yearly, monthly, and sometimes daily. These changes often come associated with anxiety and frustration that can spill into the classroom. In The Coaching Classroom, Melissa details techniques and strategies that can bring a positive thought process to help keep even veteran teachers centered and create a positive, meaningful, impact on their students.”

— Manny Barbazzeni | Punxsutawney Area High School Assistant Principal

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