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Just Another Slice 

I co-authored this book with Dr. Sharon Zaffarese-Dippold about her life in and out of foster care. We created an LLC called Principals LLC at an attorney's office where we outlined the terms of our agreement.  We worked together for three years collaborating on this book. Six weeks before the book was slated to be published, Dr. Dippold tried to change the terms of our agreement calling herself the author and me the co-author. She sent me this information in an email that she composed at 3AM. We met and worked things out. The book was published through Principals LLC on Friday, April 30, 2022 and by Monday, May 1, 2022 Dr. Dippold made false accusations about me and unpublished our book, despite our contract. She has just offered me the role of co-editor and 30% of the proceeds and plans to publish the book with a different cover and through her own publishing company. I have contributed $7000 and three years of my life helping this person write her life story and all I asked was for the recognition I deserved with my name on the title of this book, as listed above, and 50% of the proceeds, with 10% going to Together We Rise, as I was promised in 2019 when we started working together. For those of you who keep reaching out about how to obtain a copy of this book I wanted you to know what happened with it. There is a lot more to the story, but I am currently working with an attorney and cannot comment further. Thank you. 

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